De rol van de biografie in een methodologie voor 'Translator Studies'

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Op vrijdag 21 december geeft Cees Koster een lezing over de rol van de biografie in een methodologie voor Translators Studies in het kader van de CETRA lectures.


Combining the roles of biographer and translation scholar I am interested in the relationship between writing the biography of a single literary translator and research into the position of translators in the field of literary translation. Do these efforts imply fundamental differences in aim and method? Does the construction of a ‘life lived’ have a broader scope than research into the habitus and career of a translator? What is the broader context implied by both efforts? In this lecture the respective positions of the biographer and the translation scholar will be confronted with each other both from the personal point of view of the biographer and the epistemological perspective of translation/translator studies. This confrontation will lead to the presentation of a methodology for research into a translator’s profile or portrait.

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