CERES Seminar met Kirsten Gehrman

Datum: 09 december 2020

CERES (Centre for Reception Studies) verwelkomt vertaler Nederlands-Engels Kirsten Gehrman. Op 9 december om 13:30 uur zal zij een online workshop geven over het vertalen van Lize Spits Het smelt. De voertaal is Engels.

Dit bericht gaat verder in het Engels.

CERES is pleased to welcome literary translator, editor, writer and translation instructor Kirsten Gehrman on Wednesday, 9 December at 1:30pm. Her translation of Dola de Jong’s Dutch post-war classic, De thuiswacht (The Tree and the Vine) appeared earlier this year and has received glowing reviews in The New York TimesHarper’s Magazine, and The Paris Review. For CERES, Gehrman will give a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming translation of Lize Spit’s debut novel Het smelt (The Melting), due to be published in 2021. The seminar will take the form of a translation workshop and will foreground translation practice and concrete translation issues.

This event is free of charge and is open to all students. It will be held online, via Zoom. To register, send an email to jack.mcmartin@kuleuven.be. You will receive a link to the session upon registering. English will be used as the primary language, but questions in English and Dutch are welcome.

Foto van Kirsten Gehrman met op de achtergrond de cover van Het smelt.